My Top 5
I don’t link my portfolio but I’ll periodically post my top 5 non-fund positions just to give people an idea of what kind of an investor I am and where I’m coming from. Also interested in whatever people have to say about my top holdings:
  1. Paramount $PARA $PARAP
  2. $SOFI
  3. Enphase $ENPH
  4. $MSCI
  5. Autodesk $ADSK
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Why Paramount and not WBD or Netflix?
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@from100kto1m love HBO, hate WB management, still not sure about how they are meshing w Discovery team, not sure they know what they’re doing either. Too many ?s for me. On my watchlist.
I like Netflix but valuation is a concern as is the stickiness of content, their streaming business model. Also on my watchlist. I don’t think the price reflects the risks.
Paramount I like bc of the vastness of IP in the content library, and their wide range of appeal across platforms and audiences. It’s a bit of a special situation for me based on the value and the dividend that ballooned into a big position. I originally bought the preferred shares bc they had a 15% dividend yield. Then I sold some and bought the commons bc the math just worked better. Then the preferreds became stupid cheap so I made a couple large purchases averaging down.
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I'd love to own MSCI, but the valuation just is way too high. Especially with their levered balance sheet.
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@stonkmetal yeah, I DCAed into a position bc I wanted to own it. Up about 9% and just holding. Only adding if it drops below my cost basis for now until fundamentals catch up to share price.



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