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Good job, Kroger.
"Kroger raises full-year guidance after strong Q2 earnings."

Kroger is in my long-term portfolio.

Haven't been buying much like I planned, research slowing down as the day job gets busier. I did sell off a couple of my holdings though, $MOLN is now out, I invested in this company and did no research on it, twas cheap, no longer will I make uninformed decisions. This is also the last sector I should be investing in lol, I know nothing about that stuff.

Sold $WEED because I am not a fan of ETF's, Initially I invested into it because I didn't want to look into a bunch of Cannabis companies that probably don't have much data yet, but i'm gonna go ahead and do that now and find one I like.
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I’m so happy your changing how you think. I hope I’m helpful and you know I’m always here to talk
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@christian7621 Yes sir gotta stay learning from the mistakes🙏 and of course you are man, even the best investors need someone to share and bounce ideas off of ;)
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Almost didn’t recognise you for a sec there!
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@investmenttalk Lol!! Decided to change it up. Waiting for one of my friends to take a good one of me while i'm off-guard 🙄😂
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$AAPL Banti rocks @saasdog good going