Even if $DOCN trades at expensive multiples, it still has massive growth potential
DigitalOcean is a cloud computing business that deals with small businesses. Because small businesses don't have many resources, sourcing cloud computing services from AWS or Azure, or even GCP would be very expensive. Those who've seen the show Silicon Valley would understand how expensive cloud computing bills can be for startups.

From their Q4 2021 results, I've learned that 16% of DigitalOcean's customers spend more than $50/month on their services. While many cloud computing entrepreneurs would prefer to do business with larger organizations, DigitalOcean prefers to do business with smaller organizations because it knows that once it hooks a startup onto its services early, as that startup grows, DigitalOcean's revenues grow too.

This long-term thinking, where the company wants to help the big businesses of the future, is what gives DigitalOcean immense potential and a bright future.

If you want to read more about DigitalOcean's immense potential, read my article.
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I'm a shareholder. While $DOCN may provide more personalized services than $AMZN I am still concerned about competition from Amazon as well as $GOOG $GOOGL and $MSFT. What are some metrics you're watching, @dissectmarkets and @wardamn? Net dollar retention rate, I imagine?
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@tomato net dollar retention rate is the metric I'm most focused on. As long as it's above 100%, I'm content with the company's performance.
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I’m certainly a bull.
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Net expansion rate? Is the company able to upsell and have growth in each customer as time progresses?