Revolve Group Earnings (RVLV)
Revolve the stock is getting crushed today, but Revolve the company delivered what I thought was a great quarter:
  • 10% top line beat with growth continuing to exceed 30% into May as comps get much tougher (20-25% 2022 target).
  • GPM beat along with every other profit metric.
  • 3rd straight Q of record customer adds.
  • record free cash flow (& OCF) & all margin contraction via a higher tax rate & also recovering operational spend as they lean back into marketing post pandemic.
I know I know... earnings drift.
But I added a little to my stake today. 🙂
Two thumbs up from me. 👍👍
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Hi Brad

I was aware of $RVLV only because of my experience as a consumer however after reading your post and having a look through their investor's relations page it's definitely an interesting stock to follow.

Do you follow any other players closely in the retail space that you consider to be competition?
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@joeyhirendernath FarFetch and StitchFix are decent comps. It's a little weird because it has a pretty split mix of 3rd party and owned brand but also caters to that luxury segment.

Almost want to say up scale department stores are the best comp but the business models are just too different. Canada Goose another decent one but that's all owned brand.