Dividend Forecast - Week of 5/9
Below are my upcoming dividends this week:

$AAPL - $0.23 per share, $0.93 total, reinvesting
$CL - $0.47 per share, $1.45 total, cash
$O - $0.25 per share, $0.52 total, cash

$AAPL - $0.23 per share, $0.46 total, cash

Do you have any dividends coming in this week?
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Tagging our resident dividend champions as I am curious to know what they have coming in this week @dividenddollars @reasonableyield @stock.owl @thedividendpig
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@joeyhirendernath I don’t have much! Just $APD and $O
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Lots of dividends this week! Also, the market is giving us lots of places to put that new cash to work as well!
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According to Track Your Dividends this is what I'm expecting this week - (my $/share)

$BTI $0.34
$BX $0.28
$DE $0.02
$AAPL $1.42
$CL $0.05
$COST $0.23
$ADC $0.02
$MAIN $5.95
$MS $0.02
$SKT $0.09
$OHI $0.07
$O $16.21
$CLX $1.22
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@fatcatinvesting quite the list of companies! Nice!
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$AAPL and $TXN soon…$TXN is something I’m thinking of DCA into…