Shoutout to the underappreciated heroes of Commonstock
Every day we see a lot of great posts here on Commonstock, but something that goes underappreciated in my opinions are the people actively engaging under posts, asking great questions and adding valuable insight.

Some people that come to mind and who I'm always happy to see under my own and other posts are @tomato and @joeyhirendernath

Who am I missing? Tag some people and show some love :)
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Thank you so much Stock Metal :) I may not have a lot of great insights to post, but I do love this community :)
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@joeyhirendernath I've seen some great posts from you in the past ;) Glad to have you here!
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@joeyhirendernath don’t sell yourself short! You are always conscientious, thoughtful, and engaging! I have certainly learned a thing or two from you!
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Second that, would add @wall_street_deebo and @fatcatinvesting there too!
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@investmenttalk I left them both a follow, thanks
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@investmenttalk - awww, thank you!
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@stonkmetal - appreciated!
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You’re welcome
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Couldn't agree more!