After a couple of more days of research I’m pretty set I would like to own both these companies. DE I totally understand has a chance to fall @investorinsight keep me posted lol and Adobe I will wait till after earnings before I start a position. @invesquotes and me have a lot of talking to still do lol. I believe both these companies are leaders in their respective industries and I don’t own either industrial and software (not your typical software company I know but I can understand this way more then a salesforce or snowflake lol)
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Never looked into $ADBE as an investment, but thinking now I should. I use their services weekly, and I know it's a great company with awesome products!
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@seasnar I never looked into them as an investment really until a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to own software but there’s big names I could never wrap my head around. I like Adobe a lot. I like their products I like their business now and I like their management. I see a huge future for them especially if the metaverse takes off as well. They will continue to grow I have no worries there. A lot of people say they are at its peak but I don’t believe that
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@christian7621 Love to hear that! I'll definitely be looking into it with you🤝
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Love to see the collaboration
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@investmenttalk me too lol
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I’m a fan of adobe’s products and always felt salty that I missed the boat when they moved to subscriptions and the market loved it. Still probably a good investment.

Love seeing different people chime in with their different areas of expertise to offer input :)
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@nathanworden yeah that’s exactly how I felt like I missed the boat but I don’t really believe that. I still think we in the 4th inning here with a long game to still go
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I hate the debt on $DE, besides that looks like a good company though. I own $ADBE, great company.
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@stonkmetal yeah the debt on DE is something that really stands out. They have reasons for it, invests and raising cash but it’s definitely concerning. I’m not worried though because I do think management does have a plan for everything that they do. They really like to have access to a lot of cash to fund their growth and obviously do dividends and share repurchases. Adobe though really is a great company and I’m glad you own it