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Either I'm an idiot or the general consensus is going to be proven wrong on $ABNB over time as it becomes clear where their differences are vs "peers".

Please hold me accountable.

/p.s. @nathanworden knows, and if you don't, check out my writeup:
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Super fun chatting with you about Airbnb today!
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Thanks for re-sharing this, just read it! When it comes to the risks, I think something you left out is the negative sentiment towards many of the “rules” that hosts have been imposing on guests, and PR-wise how the company is handling it. I remember seeing a video where a guest was calling out how a host had put a hidden camera in the shower!! Not only that, how $ABNB doesn’t have as local of a feel as it used to (I kinda disagree here bc I was able to stay in one in Mexico City at the beginning of the year and it was a wonderful experience). I think they could salvage this by having a PR team comb through TikTok video complaints and think about how to turn those problems into opportunities.

One thing I’m wondering about is whether or not they’re partnering up with countries that have put out a bat signal to get digital nomads to stay and work there. Places that come to mind are Italy and Bali… this could be a really cool opportunity for them, and would help places further recover from the economic shock to the travel industry due to the pandemic.

The classic economics that you shared look good, but I wanted to present the behavioral side
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@sidnistandard valid argument there, and we'll for sure see how it plays out. I personally am convinced their culture is so strong it will continue to defy any challenges. For me personally, stays are obviously great but where I think WS is missing out are Experiences and Online Experiences. Huge take rates, cheap, sticky entertainment even during a recession and has a huge potential to take off. Now, it's just running without Airbnb really marketing it much, many people don't even know about its existence. Once they start to incorporate it properly, and we heard on earnings call that's a strategy for 2023... we'll see wonders I believe. This has potential to be HUGE and partly redefine public's perception of Airbnb. Not even talking about possibilities for future subscription based model for Online Experiences. Possibilities are far reaching, optionality just immense, I can't stress this enough. You can check their Online Experiences for yourself and I'll bet you'll be amazed, just like I am whenever I scroll through it. This is gold!
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@sammeciar I deff will be checking their online experiences out!!