$UPST founder trading stock for cash comp. Stock is useless
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What do you think was the driver / his decision making for this @growthinvesting?
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@sazu low confidence in stock regaining value in short/medium term corresponding to cash need
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@rpinvestments your thoughts on this?

It does seem a bit weird that a co-founder would be opting for cash. Additional context: "On February 24, 2023, the
Compensation Committee (“Compensation Committee”) of the board of directors of
Upstart Holdings, Inc. (“Upstart”) approved the cancellation of a
performance-based restricted stock unit award with respect to 687,500 shares of
Upstart’s common stock (the “Performance Award”) that was granted to Paul Gu,
Upstart’s co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and a member of Upstart’s board
of directors, in February 2022 under Upstart’s 2020 Equity Incentive Plan."



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