China doin it
Crazy to see China have more Fortune 500 companies than America.
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Why's it crazy? Seemed predictable tbh...Complacency and pretentiousness here, versus a massive population that builds skyscrapers in roughly 7 minutes there. I'd say it was a layup of a bet
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@jensen I told people in 2015-16 in college we were letting China become world leaders. They developed clean energy at a faster rate, made better solar panels, and were improving education at a far better rate than we are. I’ve expected it, just guess maybe a little sooner than I thought on an overall 500 scale.
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@jensen also bet on it with my 401(k). The fund with most exposure to China got crushed the prior 12 months before my account was set up with Fidelity. So getting in on a fund I love, that is down 30% over the prior 12 months, is similar to investments in some individual stocks. When Chinese stocks fell out of favor with the world and I thought it was a great bet, I rerouted a higher % of my weekly contribution to the fund I have access to down the most with highest exposure to China (only two really to choose from in this 401-k case). Should perform well over the next 2-5 years.