How times have changed
The stock market in 2021:
"Meh, I'm quite unimpressed with this 30% revenue growth... should have been 50%+"

The stock market in 2022:
"9% revenue growth!? Amazing! I'll take it!"
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Haha so true, such a drastic shift in perspective due to uncertain times and the macro .
Joshua Simka's avatar
Everybody who's been reporting is up AH the past couple days! It feels good but I easily recall last quarter when everything was down after hours no matter how great a report.
Nikki Dunn, CFP®'s avatar
@tomato the market likes to take things to extremes on both sides! It makes total sense that they’ve been bad at pricing things in lately. It’s a complicated time!
Rihard Jarc's avatar
I am even more shocked by the pace of how thing change. Since 2020 feels like each year has so much dynamic and different narratives like a whole decade.
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@rihardjarc I've noticed this since I started investing, in 2016. I guess chock it up to falling barriers to global participation in the markets as well as ever-shortening news cycles and always-on social media. Mainstream financial media and herd thinking are behind a lot of the narratives and speculation.
Nikki Dunn, CFP®'s avatar
@rihardjarc agreed! And everyone is trying to trade and invest for a prior market cycle- I think what we’re experiencing since covid is a different beast. Investor minds need to stay more open here imo.