Berkshire Grey ($BGRY) and FedEx ($FDX) Expand Their Robotic Automation Solutions Relationship
The robotic warehouse automation industry is going to be really interesting to watch over the rest of this decade. Amazon ($AMZN) got the jump with the purchase of Kiva Systems all the way back in 2012. Recently Walmart ($WMT) and Symbotic ($SYM) cozied up even more. Now FedEx and Berkshire Grey are expanding their relationship which includes a warrant for FedEx to purchase up to 25MM shares in Berkshire Grey. I would expect to see individual RWA companies getting snatched up by the behemoths over the next several years.

I have a small position in BGRY and have SYM on my Buy? watchlist.

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$BGRYW has recently seen some positive action recently.