Update on $DLO
So Muddy Waters announced that they are short $DLO and released a 47 page report detailing a number of allegations that they believe add up to fraud. This is a company I had published a positive view on previously, so I was pretty concerned. I read through the full Muddy Waters report and have written up a revised view on $DLO.

Check out my substack post which summarises and analyses the key allegations in the Muddy Waters report.

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Solid write up Richard, sorry for your small loss!
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Appreciate your transparency here Richard. It is really helpful to see you take an investigative approach to spot red flags and evaluate Muddy Water's allegations. I think it is a prudent move to exist with the current situation. Even if the $DLO''s actions do not amount to fraud when management is vague and defensive, and Insiders exiting like "rats off a sinking boat" it definitely shakes confidence.
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Thank you for this write-up. I was a fan of DLocal until Muddy Waters wrote their report. Management somehow knew that we'd overlook those tiny revisions.