$DUOL Insanity
Sometimes I think companies go public for the sole reason of fleecing investors. While I think Duolingo is a great platform I think it's very hard to defend these two charts:
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Stock-based comps well exceed free cash flow. While this is not entirely something new it can also be paired with the dilution.

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Duolingo is just destroying any ownership of its business. The company has a lot of promise especially with its expansion into new verticals of education but this dilution is just gross.
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Now do PLTR lol
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@interrobangbros truuuuuuuuu. to be honest i forgot palantir existed
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Whew, never taken much a look under the hood at $DUOL but I knew a few guys (one being @stockmarketnerd) who like it.
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@investmenttalk yeah it seems there we're a few people who liked the stock but for the life of me I dont see how
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I think the business is interesting as a user. But if they are destroying shareholder value like that it seems like an easy pass as a potential investment.
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It is unfortunately the new normal in terms of IPO-based stock awards it seems.

They should be leveling off in the upcoming quarters, but will certainly be something to keep watching.
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Think $DUOL is putting up some impressive growth but yes always look at rev/s and FCF/s!
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I’m okay with high SBC and lack of profitability if I see a clear path to future profitability. I’m an avid $DUOL user but don’t see that.