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Commodities are Volatile
This is why investing in commodities proves to be so difficult and why I don’t venture into this realm. Very volatile and cyclical.

I would imagine there is ALOT of individual investors who chase commodities and end up significantly under performing.

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What a unique view. I like it thanks for sharing! Where’s Uranium at!
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@jensen they are definitely missing uranium! But yes the chart is cool and there is zero patterns that I can spot
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Great chart.

I'm in the same boat as you.

I prefer businesses with products and services that don't vary so widely. But as Howard Marks says "all things prove to be cyclical."
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This is why I like staying the hell away.
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@reasonableyield yeah I like businesses that aren’t as driven by commodity pricing
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this is actually super cool! bookmarked this post, so I can stare at it an ponder the trend next time there's a rainy day
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Investing in commodities is a buy and sell business and not buy and hold. A lot of investors don't get that.



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