Another Year of Progyny Separating Itself From the Pack
The CDC and SART released their newest fertility data from 2021. The results for Progyny -- as they have been for the last 6 years -- were encouraging:

Progyny now boasts a:
1) 17% better pregnancy rate vs. the national average (was +16% in 2020)
2) 27% better live birth rate vs. the national average (was +25% in 2020)
3) 91% single embryo transfer rate (was 90.1% in 2020)
4) 2.5% multiple birth rate (was 2.8% in 2020 and lower is generally preferred)

Not only does this make for happier, healthier mothers and children... but it is a massive cost saver for Progyny's enterprise clients purchasing these benefits and for patients. The average course of a round of treatment is $60,000 with twins and triplets costing exponentially more on average.

More frequent single births are good for every stakeholder! Employers win via savings, patients win via greater success, network doctors win via better reputations/track records and Progyny wins via brisk compounding.

Nobody can match what it provides due to competition lacking proper carrier integrations & via the restrictive lifetime dollar maximums they apply to parents (which is capped at 25% of a typical course of treatment). That's why Progyny's leads continue to grow and why Amazon, Microsoft and other behemoths use this service.
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So you’re telling me Amazon and Microsoft care about their female & family employees enough that they work with a fertility and family planning business to help them start families? I’m not sure which side of your post I am more impressed by. But this is why I love it here at CS; all I do is research new companies, like a 2nd job all day, and I’ve never even heard of Progyny🤗
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@wall_street_deebo props to them for taking the initiative but they also benefit from better competing for new talent & cost savings. 🙂🤑

Couldn't agree more. CS is just a constant stream of inspiration.
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So bullish on this company. It's on my short list of positions I want to add shares to. And for anyone wondering, Progyny is profitable. It also has a revenue CAGR of almost 87% since 2016 and is guiding for an acceleration of revenue growth this year (51% at the midpoint vs 45% last year). Firing on all cylinders.