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The house of Zuck has been beaten down so far this year. The newly re-branded META $META is down 53% this year and is only up 2.7% over the past FIVE YEARS!

Here is a look at its fundamental performance over the last eight quarters.

Additionally, Meta is one of the only large-cap stocks trading below 15x earnings. Oddly enough, Meta has some of the highest margins in the entire S&P 500! This doesn't seem to mesh with the rest of the stocks on this list.

What do you think? Is Meta misunderstood, or a busted growth story?
66%Misunderstood (Bullish)
33%Busted Growth Story (Bearish)
15 VotesPoll ended on: 06/23/22
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People discounting the end of $META in the price, but we could say that for many companies in the end they are not losing users, they have one of the best margins out there and no need to lose words about the capabilities of their CEO (nobody can deny that).
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I also like the 'both' take @youngmoneycapital Cognitive dissonance, maybe, but I think true.
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~forward thinking markets~ crowd enters the chat With companies that are so far right on the innovation/experimental bell-curve constantly putting itself navigating unchartered waters, I struggle validating P/E ratios as one of the main measurables..Meta is a prime example of that for me. Did Facebook peak? You won't see me make a bet on that. It is a fascinating company to bull/bear chat about, but it is so nuanced that I feel 'both' is the solid answer here.
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They now have to prove to the market they can do it, whereas 2 years ago they didn't. The narrative is different, and should be priced accordingly.