What is your biggest postion?
My biggest position is $JEPI at 19% and it will remain my biggest holding for 6+ months more as I need monthly cash flow. My plan is, later on, to reduce it below 10% eventually by adding more to $VOO, $HD, and $WM.

My biggest single stock position is $AAPL thanks to the 20%+ gains it has made. My second biggest holding is $U, I will cut it to half soon to use for personal projects.

What are your biggest holding and what % of your portfolio?
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My biggest position is the S&P 500 :)
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@reasonableyield Love it sir 🫑
My goal is the same, to have 30%+ of allocation in SP500 and chill
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In my retirement account $TTD is currently my biggest position at around 11% (biggest position had been $SHOP) and in my other portfolio, my biggest position is $FLGT at around 40%, which is an allocation it grew to on its own. :)
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$MELI at ~6.6% of my retirement portfolio and 6% oF my combined portfolios.
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@interrobangbros Not bad, seems like you have well diversified portfolio.
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$PLTR 37%, software company that I feel can be very big in the future :)
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@astronautwizard Love $PLTR! πŸ•Ά for you, future is so bright, you'll need them
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My biggest position is $VOO it is currently at 32.5%
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@joeyhirendernath Love it and envy you and you inspire me
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$VOO is my largest holding at ~20%. My largest single stock holding is $META at 13% of my portfolio.
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@q2capital Love $VOO just something magical about it
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$GOOGL 17%. And despite the concentration I have been adding recently
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@almighty188 How do you like 'em 🍎🍎
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@investor_from_nepal - Think the picture is worth a few million words... I made about 1500% more in dividends in AAPL than the capital investment amount.

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@almighty188 Indeed it does.

"made about 1500% more in dividends in AAPL than the capital investment amount" - that would be a dream for any investor. Congrats!!!

Love to see it!!!
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@investor_from_nepal - Thanks, long term patience and being non-emotional really paid off...
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$BTC.X 😈
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Coinbase; was 15% before the run up over prior 2 days. Working on Google & Meta to be top 3.
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@wall_street_deebo Cool, seems like growth is gonna be expectational
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$VTI is largest overall in both account. $CMA is largest individual holding in Taxable and $SBUX in my Roth IRA
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My biggest position in all accounts is my S & P 500 Fidelity fund through 401-k. Individual account is Coinbase stock☝️

But as I’ve continued to progress I’ve funneled more and more funds to my individual account, as I’ve seen the beats pile up.
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$ZM 22% in taxable
$DOT.X in crypto
Retirement accounts $DIS

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Nio with 25% down at the moments.
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Largest single position is $META at ~10%
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@investmenttalk did you increase position recently or was it always the biggest position?
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@investor_from_nepal Has been the largest for a while, but have been adding to other positions, so (as well as share price decline) its gone down from ~14% to 10% today.
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$MSFT @ 27% of portfolio, +240% (avg price $54/share) $TENB second @ 25% of portfolio, +100%, room for growth to rival $RPD & $QLYS
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@felixwdo Damn boi, that's something!!! Good returns too, how long have you been holding
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@investor_from_nepal started buying into $MSFT early 2012 hahah, crazy to think πŸ”₯ sold and rebought, but past 3-4 years just been adding a getting those dividends as an added bonus
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@felixwdo you’re one of the few people I see mixing growth and value like I do. Not a lot of people with Adobe AND Target🀣
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@wall_street_deebo sorry you have Oracle; I have Adobe. Point still the same though. You’ve got some dividend companies/REIT’s I love & own too in portfolios not linked.
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@wall_street_deebo Thanks! Still learning. Unfortunately still have negative plays I still have super high conviction in like $RDFN (ibuying) $FUBO (live & sports betting, sports deals)and YOLO trades like $QS $RIVN that I have to see/deal with. But staying true to companies that have value and growth potential like you mentioned.
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$ANET at the moment but wow it really grew into that position for me on it's own
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@nathanworden Cool! That juicy return and initial position must have helped.
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Largest position right now is ca$h. Got tired of the volatility and decided to take a break while looking for long term positions.
My biggest position is GOOGL.