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Is GenAI investible at this early stage of its lifecycle?
With all the hype surrounding #LLMs and #GenAI it got me thinking how ready is this space for investing?

Meaning, where is #tech is in its adoption lifecycle? Is it just hype or has the tech fully arrived? Are there significant bottlenecks remaining that are blocking mainstream adoption? Has the business model been figured out?

✅All elements are here: Chips, scale compute, massive amounts of data

✅ All bottlenecks have been removed: thanks to #ChatGPT GenAI is super accessible. Just type what u want into chat box. Price will continue to 📉

☑️ Biz model: we r still in experimental stage. #OpenAI $GOOG and $MSFT have all set initial user level pricing but will it stick? How will ad model work with AI assistants and what will happen to search? Dev model seems set with consumption level pricing model but with infra costs to come down expect more price changes. In short, Further business model innovation needed but in meantime hardware players (read: $NVDA) are raking 💰. Remember during dotcom boom everyone thought $CSCO was going to be a trillion $ company. Hardware typically commoditized and long term winners are software CO’s. This time long term winners could be companies like $PLTR, $RBLX, with incumbents like $MSFT, $GOOG, $META, and $AMZN getting even bigger.

The pattern for these questions to get answered fully often takes longer than projected by most analysts.

I think that’s changing. While history can often be a helpful guide for what’s to come, there are special times when the exponential rate of growth makes a step change and prior expectations for the pace of change are no longer valid. I believe we are entering such a period thanks to the recent launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It took only two months for a BETA version of Chat GPT to reach 100 million monthly active users, beating the previous champ TikTok by seven months.

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Great write up! With generative AI, $RBLX developers can build games and merchandise faster. I am excited to see $MSFT expand its revenues mutliple-fold because of generative AI. $META can finally cut development costs on their metaverse because of generative AI.
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