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Booking Holdings Q2 '22 results $BKNG
▫️Revenue +99%
▫️Gross Bookings +38%
▫️Travel services booked +57%
▫️Room nights booked +56%, surpassing 2019 levels
▫️Adjusted EBITDA of $1.1 billion vs. $48 million
▫️Net income of $857 million (vs -167 millon)
▫️EPS of $21.15 vs -4.08

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Thoughts on their positioning vs. $ABNB over the next few years?
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@ccm_brett i book 3/4 of my vacations via booking. That‘s my main thesis for Booking compared to AirBnB. But both are great companies and i think both will do well in the future. I think AirBnB will always be something for a more „special“ vacation and Booking more for „normal“ vacation. I personally don‘t like that AirBnB don‘t show me the final price in the first comparison of accomodation. That‘s really awful for my personal user experience
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@mavix With $BKNG I am worried about their innovation and lack of future mentality. They have been around for ages, but have innovated almost close to zero when it comes to their product or any other add on feature to their product. Even let a competitor like $ABNB grow so big that in the next 2 years they will probably outgrow them when it comes to revenue.
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@rihardjarc i like $ABNB because they invented a complete new style for accomodation. Regarding the core product usability i personally prefer Booking over AirBnB so regarding UX i don‘t really see big innovation from AirBnB. I think both will expand into flights, car rental, adventures and so on and regarding this i think Booking has already a head start. Nevertheless i think both are great companies and i think the travel economy is big enough for 2 players