$NVDA Top Q4 13F Shareholders
  1. Vanguard: 204.60M shares, added 852,873
  2. BlackRock: 179.82M shares, added 3.41M.
  3. FMR: 138.69M shares, added 1.30M
  4. State Street: 98.75M shares, added 908,481.
  5. T. Rowe Price: 56.95M shares, added 5.04M

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The top 12 shareholders all added shares last quarter!

A majority of the top shareholders have average costs in the single-digit range. Average costs are estimated using quarter-end prices:
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# of funds holding: 2,735 vs 2,591 last q. Of those funds, 7.67%, or 210 of them, own NVDA in their top ten positions.

Total 13F shares owned: 1.591B vs 1.539B last q.

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I'm most curious about Norges Bank, coming into shares at $133.47!



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