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May You Live in Interesting Times
There have been 563 US bank failures since 2001 and we just witnessed two of the largest in one weekend.
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I'd rather live in boring times while leading an interesting life lol
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@interrobangbros hahah good quote, but I kept thinking to myself this weekend "this keeps things interesting"
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@interrobangbros haha, I think we all wish for those boring times to return.
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really beautiful visualization!
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@darkfirexxi Thank you :)
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Can we see all of these numbers adjusted for inflation?
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@dissectmarkets Common request, takes ages to do though, so working on it!
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It's crazy what is going on these last few days, there's no opportunity to take a breath and grasp what is going on!
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@porchester I feel same and it seems unclear what the upshot is and what, if anything, it could mean for continued inflation. Meanwhile, there's lots of chatter and fear mongering on social. People can't even agree on exactly what happened! There's a whole fight at the moment on Puru Saxena's feed about whether the $300B spike in the Fed's balance sheet is "money printing."
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The stat actually is bigger than one would thought (563 bank failures since 2001 I mean).



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