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$283.9m follower assets
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Portfolio retro
  • New position in $OPEN (in Aug)
  • Trimmed $CRWD as I was up 100%
  • No longer actively allocating towards $BTC.X
  • Only planned ongoing purchases are: $SOL.X, $ETH.X, and $VOO
  • Goal is to maintain a consolidated portfolio

Trying to get into a better habit of looking at and managing my portfolio. Hopefully the quick share image above will help!
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This visual is pretty epic
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@investmenttalk need more of those on my feed ASAP
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Been seeing more and more opendoor listing signs around my area...
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Woah you can make circle graphs on commonstock now??! Cool!!
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Yeah! Go to 'Profile' then next to 'Top Holdings' you'll see a share button
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20% $SOL.X ! That's epic. When did you buy?
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starting forming a position a little over 2 months ago
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You're the MVP!! I bought first $SOL.X on 23rd August. So late :(
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That shareable looks goooooood!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @olympia @cissy