Your Thoughts & Prayers Have Been Answered
Yes, I'm truly back. But there are things that you need to know.
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Background: Last week was an emotional rollercoaster. I endured the highs as I was starting my new job. Then I endured the lows as it looked like I might have to delete this account to fulfill the compliance requirements.

After having a conversation with compliance, I'm glad I can say that I can return to CommonStock.

However, with my return, I will have to follow restrictions that will curtail the creation of thought-provoking memos and be careful with how I interact with comments and other people's posts. These new challenges will inspire me to think of new ways to add thought-provoking and unique content to this platform.

I will keep up my old memos if you ever want to go back and read my old thought-provoking memos. As for the memos I will make from now on, I will be experimenting with new forms of content and for the time being, I will continue tracking the Avatar 2 box office sales. Since my previously expected departure, many more positive developments have happened with the movie and I will write a memo on those updates.

With everything, I'd like to thank the CommonStock community for all the support they've given me during the time when it looked like this account will end. Seeing the community come together during that difficult time means a lot. I look forward to resuming the great interactions I've had with all of you.*

*Keep in mind that my interactions on this platform will be different as I have to ensure that they meet my employer's social media policies.
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Yes!!!!!! Welcome back
Dissecting the Markets's avatar
Thank you, Christian! It's great seeing you.
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I am happy about it. Just I honestly don't understand much such compliance problem your new employer has. Anyway, happy to know you are back!
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This has made my week :) Excited to have you stick around!

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@dissectmarkets Welcome back! 🙂
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I love your attitude regarding the restrictions, and seeing them as a a way to inspire you to think of new ways to add thought-provoking and unique content. So glad you are able to still be here!
Porchester ✳️'s avatar
Fantastic news!



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