My Year So Far - Actively Investing/Trading
We have been navigating the market beautifully this whole year.

34 Green Trades
1 Red Trade

Slowing down and not day trading has made me so much more consistent.

From an Investment Standpoint: I have not added any long exposure. Patience. Opportunities will come and I will happily share my thoughts when they arise.

I write this to encourage all that you can be very successful playing the downside of the market as well.

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Wow that is definitely worth celebrating. Might I ask which was the one red anomaly of the group ? For the sake of transparency it would be great to have context on that trade.
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@joeyhirendernath Happy to share.

I love selling OTM options, but I never sell an option less than 7 days from expiry. I broke my rule and sold a 0DTE on $SPY.

I was looking to make quick money, and I had to buy it back to close for a loss or I would have gotten exercised in February.

If I would have followed my rules - I never would have taken this. Lesson: Trust my strategy and rules and don't gamble.

All the other trades have been short sells as swing trades.
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@investorinsight Great to see the takeaway from this was "Trust the strategy, don't waver from the rules" . Really appreciate your openness.