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SoFi CEO Keeps Buying Shares, Mizuho Note & Reverse Split Comment
SoFi CEO Anthony Noto keeps buying shares

SoFi management 'very constructive' on demand, says Mizuho

A reverse split is an option, not a certainty.

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@strib I’m bullish on SoFi, they have their act together and the fundamentals are very solid from what I’m reading, it’s the market that is currently bonkers.

As for the reverse split, it hasn’t happened and it might never happen, management are seeking shareholders consent to exercise a reverse split should the need arise and that would only be to maintain the ability for institutional investors to continue investing (keeping the price above $5). Being prepared is a good thing in my opinion.
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@couch_investor good on the CEO to show faith in purchasing more shares. How do you view a reverse split though? I typically see it as a sign of fundamental weakness, or do I have that negative connotation incorrectly? I think back to $GE’s debacle and it’s reverse split being the cause of my perception. Curious your thoughts on it / what anyone else thinks too!
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@strib historically, reverse splits are bad. But he did say that this has nothing to do with the confidence in the business and it's only in case of emergency.
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@couch_investor hope they can avoid it and as I mentioned his stock purchase is a great way to counter the negative sentiment. I respect that in a leader!
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$SOFI trading very close to 1:1 with Book Value, even thought probably at least 1/4 of the business is pure software (Galileo and Technosys).