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Today's PR from North Arrow
North Arrow's share price is currently down 11.76% following their press release this morning. Is that cause for concern? As I have pointed out before, the illiquidity of the Venture exchange can be a blessing or a curse. This morning's drop was the result of a $375 sale - hardly a mass exodus of shareholders.

Today's press release confirmed the mine's potential, however more work needs to be done and given the delays so far, it's understandable that some impatient shareholders would prefer to move on.

$NAR.V is a small, speculative position (currently a 1% allocation) for me and I am willing to hold for further results as the risk/reward potential seems worth it.

'Next steps in our ongoing evaluation will include modelling of the size distributions of the fancy diamonds, as well as consideration of options for test cutting and polishing the fancy colour diamonds to better understand the colour characteristics of the final, polished diamonds, and their potential for enhanced value in the creation of luxury jewelry'

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