January 2023 Portfolio Review & Rebalance
This past weekend I completed my quarterly portfolio review and rebalancing.

I do this each quarter to ensure I am following my goals and staying on track. My typical action is to review convictions, review dividend reinvestments and make any decisions to sell. Historically, this has been the only time I sell any holdings.

I journaled all of my changes in Journalytic, which is a new tool I have been using and recommend if you are looking for a better way to track your investing process. The platform is more free-form than my Excel sheet I was using, is searchable and actionable. This allows me to add more detail into my journaling.

Taxable Brokerage
Conviction Changes (with high level reasoning):
$BLV - Low to Medium - Rising interest rates
$BN - Medium to Low - Unsure of spinoff from $BAM
$CRON - Medium to Low - Penny stock territory
$HASI - Low to Medium - Too harsh on falling share price
$IEMG - Low to Medium - Stability in ETF
$IEUR - Low to Medium - Stability in ETF
$LQD - Low to Medium - Rising interest rates
$T - Low to Medium - Want to give them a chance post $WBD spin-off
$VDE - High to Medium - Falling crack spreads and price of oil. Don't want to be too overzealous
$VTEB - Low to Medium - Rising interest rates
$XLE - High to Medium - Falling crack spreads and price of oil. Don't want to be too overzealous

Dividend Reinvestment Change (Based on Average Cost Basis Performance vs. S&P):
$ABBV Yes to No
$BN Yes to No
$CARR Yes to No
$CNA No to Yes
$FUN Yes to No
$NSC No to Yes
$SBUX No to Yes
$VIG No to Yes

Rebalancing (with reason):
Sold 1 share of $VTI. Following plan of selling 1/4 of overweight holdings that are under portfolio median rank. Portfolio median is 3. VTI currently at 2. Could sell 7 shares, selling 1.

Roth IRA
Conviction Change (with high level reasoning):
$DIS - High to Medium - concerned with CEO situation and continued path to earnings growth
$EMB - Low to Medium - As yields start to rise, this should not be low.
$HASI - Low to Medium - Was too harsh on this holding as a result of share price. Bumped to Medium.

Dividend Reinvestment Changes (based on holding weighting):

Rebalancing (with reasoning):
Sold 1 share of $VEA. Selling 1/4 of overweight amount in accordance with plan. Could sell 5 shares. Selling 1 share.

Sold 1 share of $VWO. Selling 1/4 of overweight amount in accordance with plan. Could sell 6 shares. Selling 1 share.

That's it for this quarter. I typically do not factor macro events into my investing, but I feel like the raising of interest rates could have a material impact on the bond funds I hold.

As always, would enjoy seeing your comments or feedback below!
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Don’t follow many names on here but Starbucks and Disney. Starbucks not really much to say right now lol but Disney I agree with the high to medium conviction change. I’ve been very vocal on here about the ceo change and that whole situation and the cash burn. I’ve been calling it as it is for months now with Disney. All that said not ready to give up. Disney plus will become profitable and Disney has just way too much content not to attract people. As well as a parks business that’s always full. When do they open up another park that’s the question lol. Mexico here we come… I’m kidding but yeah I agree with the Disney conviction change. Gonna keep an eye on the quarters and make sure Iger is getting the right thing done. I’m not a big Iger savior fan but I do respect and acknowledge Chapek was killing the business. Not ready to say Iger can turn it around and I’m not ready to say he can pick the next ceo because he obviously failed once. The board needs to be way more involved here. Maybe in house isn’t the best but we will cross that bridge when we get there.
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@christian7621 yeah, I’m not too sure about Disney moving forward. It’s also the only position I have in my Roth IRA that doesn’t pay a dividend. Another detractor for me
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@scorebdinvestor it’s definitely one of the positions I’m keeping an eye on the most in my portfolio. 2023 I need to see a lot more from them. Right the ship. They’ll pay a dividend again I believe it. Disney plus needs to get profitable first then they can do that. One of the only names I own that don’t pay a dividend either. If I own it though I think they’ll eventually pay a dividend that’s my mindset and Disney is definitely one of those names.
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Dig the openness with which you share, thanks SB!
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@reasonableyield thanks! I’m sharing in the hopes to learn and maybe somebody else will learn (probably what not to do) as well!



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