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Europes gambling market
Europe’s gambling market revenue increased 23% this year, with total revenue stabilising 8% above pre-pandemic levels, according to the latest market data report published by EGBA.

Not bad for the „mature“ European market. And looking at the expectations for online, the growth will continue in the coming years. $EVVTY
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I am not sure of the culture overseas, but the British LOVE to gamble.
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@reasonableyield my line of work. Can confirm. Holy smokes
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@jensen I think $PDYPY is a pretty direct play on this right?
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@tomato yep for sure. Parent company of Fanduel, which is one of the strongholds in US for the inevitable mass consolidation. DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars, and fanduel best positioned sportsbooks for the mass sports gambling adoption in the states we are seeing
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As someone based in the UK, I definitely notice the affinity people have for casinos. A grown persons arcade I guess.
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$EVVTY on my radar. But also I see it quite popular as an investment with European investors.
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@rihardjarc yes, it’s very popular. Especially among the swedish investment community. But not surprising, looking at the long term success the company had in the past. It is still my second largest position, but of course the Risk/Return was much better when it was at 800 SEK compared to the current 1.130. But still it is rare to find such a company with these characterstics
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@mavix In Europe I see strong investment community in Sweden (probably because many successful companies IPO'd ($EVVTY, $SPOT etc.) and in Czech.
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@rihardjarc Yes, historically sweden was a great fishing field to catch some multibagger. And a succesful domestic stock market is probably a good support to create a strong investment community



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