I have no idea how to crypto🥺
Hello everyone, I recently joined Commonstock and am loving your openness and the education I’m getting here so thanks to you all 🙏

I know pretty much nothing about crypto, or how to invest, where to buy, what they are all about, but I suspect they are going to play a big part in all our futures, so can anyone point me in the direction where to start?

I understand if this is the wrong place for this but would appreciate any help out there.

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I suppose I should add, I’m an investor with a 12-15 year timeline in mind, began my investment journey last year and I have invested in growth stocks and some big tech, along with other companies that I believe will continue to be great for my time horizon at least, I am a total novice but I’m a good understudy.
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Definitely came to the right place!

If you’re wanting to learn about crypto specifically, Bankless is a great information source. I was just listening to this episode today:

Don’t know if that’s the absolute best place for a beginner but it’s also not the total deep end either, so I’d be interested to hear of you think it’s too confusing at the onset.

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Thank you Nathan, I’ll dive in on the flight back to Saudi tomorrow, looking forward to it 👍