Seeing some people taking requests.
If you want, I’ll give my opinion (if I have one) on any holding that you will post in the comments and if a lot of requests come , I’ll create a post
PS I usually have no opinion on most of the things that’s out of my circle of competence.
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@joeyhirendernath twitter is like a real time experiment that we get to experience and learn from without participating.

I don’t know if EM will pull off the buy out but after learning about twitter from sidelines, I can say that I will not be buying in if they will keep doing such outrageous SBCs for everyone and having too much debt especially going into “uncertain times”

Low teens in price and I might take the gamble 🙃
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Thinking about picking up some $AFRM . Any thoughts?
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@josh don’t have any real thoughts on affirm but this might help
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Nice mdm