July Portfolio Update
Portfolio update for July - still sitting at around 15% cash. I remain cautious, but this has shrunk from the 20% or so I was sitting at last month.

This earnings season will see some of these positions reshuffle as I don't plan to add to anything until I can listen to management commentary on the current environment, guidance, etc.

You can check out my full post here but the highlights are:

  • Added to $NOW, $TSLA and $GOOG
  • Unity $U is joining $GDRX in the doghouse
  • $SHOP will require some patience to see how this year of reinvesting everything into growth plays out
  • No new positions

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Also being patient with Shopify. Props for adding to Tesla!
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How do you weigh up the decision to hold so much cash vs inflation vs the current prices of securities you might be interested in buying?
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@investmenttalk it has mostly just been a reserve in the event we get another significant leg down in the market. As the market shows more and more signs of establishing a bottom I’ll start to deploy it more aggressively. I don’t typically feel the need to have more than 3-5% cash sitting around. As for how I make that decision, if longer term moving averages are still in a steep decline I’m not really interested in getting heavily invested. When they start to flatten out I feel a bit more comfortable. It’s not perfect but it’s what works for me
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@ntfinvesting Great context, thanks man.