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Do you play games?
@stonkmetal 's post inspired me to create this poll. From their asset allocation. they have 45% of their assets allocated in "Virtual items". What are those virtual items you ask? You're probably thinking they're NFTs. Well, they're CS:GO items!

For those who don't know, CS:GO is a competitive online shooter video game where you can own virtual skins of knives, guns, etc. The CS:GO market is huge with millions of items worth less than a dime to items worth upwards of $1k.

That whole market is fascinating to me and made me want to ask the Commonstock community if they play/played video games. I've noticed that there's a significant overlap between people that play video games and people that talk about investing on sites like Reddit, Twitter, Commonstock, etc. The stock market could be seen as a video game to some!

Answer in the poll below!

Do you or have you had a passion for Video Games?
19 VotesPoll ended on: 05/14/22
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Only with my ex's
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@investmenttalk That was a terrible joke, forgive me
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@investmenttalk Bad memories of video games then? 😪
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@investmenttalk omg i just got the joke, i thought you were being literal 🤦
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@josh BRUH, haha.
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Thanks for the shout-out. Surprisingly there is a very small overlap between investors in CSGO items and stocks. When I started my @stonkmetal Twitter account I managed to convert around 200/10000 of my followers from my csgo account. And most of those probably followed me for sympathy or occasionally talking about crypto.
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@stonkmetal Hmm interesting! Thanks for the data! That’s also surprising to me but also extremely cool that there’s some people interested in CS:GO investing. That’s a crazy niche.
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@josh Definitely very crazy :D A lot of the people in the scene are pretty young (late teens, early 20s), so it definitely is wild lol. VERY different to stock investing :D Also most people are accustomed to crypto (often used for payments), so that's a more easily accesible market than stocks.