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The power of branding
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Yet another crazy stat/visual from Apple. I love the one that often resurfaces showing if their wearables arm were its own standalone company, it’d still be one of the largest companies in the world.
The power of branding is right. I’m cemented into their funnel- my iPhone breaks tomorrow I’m immediately dropping money on getting a new one without hesitation or remote consideration of alternative option.
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@jensen I think you're describing the stickiness of the ecosystem Apple has built. As you say, "cemented into their funnel." The trend seems to be moving away from brands, with younger people being more motivated by price. The other side of that, though, is that the brands that do remain relevant are super strong and highly recognizable. Nike, Starbucks, Apple, McDonalds.
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@jensen totally agree the apple funnel is crazy. I have the iphone, the watch, apple tv, air pods, literally the only thing I don't have is the mac and that's just because I have had a pc forever but we are sucked so far deep into their eco system it is hard to find a escape. Great branding but I think they have created even better products that fit our needs so well that it makes it hard to ever leave.
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Probably the strongest brand in the world right now. Wonder how it translates to other products not connected to a mobile device in the future.
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I’m an Apple customer but I almost resent their hold on me. I’d like to change phone but I don’t because of inertia and a lack of really attractive alternatives. In my case at least, it’s not the branding.



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