Buying on the way Up or Down?
Personally I don't really like adding to positions that have gone up over the last few months. I much prefer adding on the way down. Given my largest positions are in $INTC and $CRSR I have had plenty of opportunity to buy over the last few weeks.

I was wondering what you prefer?
Do You Prefer Buying on the way Up or Down
45%Buying on the way Up
55%Buying on the way Down
20 VotesPoll ended on: 08/07/22
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Down, as I am a masochist, and don't usually means cheaper prices (if the market as a whole is down).
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I would prefer buying on the way up but I end up buying on the way down 😭
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I am a Buffet trained value investor. I buy when prices are discounted, usually going down, at 52 week lows, after earnings miss, or a >10% drop in price. They’re usually already undervalued or borderline if I’m looking at them; a 10% drop isn’t always the same.
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@wall_street_deebo I love finding companies after massive drops post-earnings. Its why I started on Intel and Paypal.
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Buying on three consecutive days of it going up after it has gone down big time.