Dividend Portfolio Update 📉📉
Below is a paraphrase of the full portfolio update and market review article I write weekly. Click here for a full portfolio and economic review, plus a break down of all my trades (which you can see in my profile as well).

Market Review

"This week the downtrend continued in the markets with each of the major indices falling more than 2.0% this week. 10 of the 11 S&P sectors closed lower with 5 of them falling more than 3% (IT, consumer discretionary, financials, and real estate). Consumer staples, one of the more defensive sector, ended with a 0.3%.

Inflation readings remained high, but a better than expected core PPI reading for April revived “peak inflation” talks. The Fed is expected to remain aggressive on tightening plans to continue the fight against inflation.

High growth story stocks like Unity (U), Coinbase (COIN), and Peloton (PTON) continued to disappoint this week. This week the stable coin TerraUSD (UST) collapsed. Billions of dollars in crypto wealth were lost, shocking the whole market. UST was designed to retain a value of one US dollar at all timed but was depegged and fell to around 14 cents at the worst.

Growth concerns in the stock and crypto market, peak inflation hopes, and a general flight to safety drew Treasury yields lower this week.

Sentiment was further pressured by the S&P breaking below 4,000 briefly, Apple (AAPL) losing its title as the world’s most valuable company, and heightened volatility driven by selling. That was until a rally occurred on Friday to end the week with a much overdue bounce.


To date, I have invested $8,800 into the account, the total
value of all positions plus any cash on hand is $8,881.09. That’s a mere gain
of $81.09 for a total return of 0.92%. The account is down $45.13 for the week
which is a 0.51% loss.

Below is a table of everything we are invested in so far. There you can see my number of shares, shares bought through dividend reinvestments, average cost, gains, and more. The tickers in green are positions that I bought shares in this week.


This week we received two dividends. $1.62 from Air Products & Chemicals ($APD) and $1.50 from Reality Income ($O)

In my portfolio, all positions have dividend reinvestment enabled. I don’t hold onto the dividend, I don’t try to time the reinvestment, I just let my broker do it automatically. All dividends were reinvested.

Dividends received for 2022: $117.11

Portfolio’s Lifetime Dividends: $140.03"

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Hello. I like to see other dividend investors here on CS; we are becoming a rich community. I appreciate you sharing the full portfolio's metrics; you should always overperform the market during such selloff times with low beta stocks like the one you own 👍

Just want to say I appreciate such a portfolio update. Please keep it going!