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New Position
I will be exiting a position tomorrow. The below are on my short-list (along with adding to existing positions).
If you were going to start a new position tomorrow, which would you choose?
15%Nintendo Co., Ltd. (NTDOY)
25%Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN)
5%eXp World Holdings Inc. (EXPI)
55%Cloudflare, Inc. (NET)
20 VotesPoll ended on: 05/06/22
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Heart says $NTDOY, head says $COIN. How did you build this short list?
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@scorebdinvestor companies that have piqued my interest for one reason over another over the past few months. I have 12-15 more on my buy watchlist but I’d probably pick from one of these 4 if I open a new position.
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@scorebdinvestor I’m with scoreboard investor
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Problem with cryptos in coinbase is people buy and hold. And, $COIN is not a platform for seasoned crypto day trader. Revenue based on transaction fees in unpredictable as a result. I tried to enter and hold multiple times but exited due to associated volatility.
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@abilash Do people not go to Coinbase Pro to trade?
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@interrobangbros They do but the capabilities are still limited and advanced charting like trading view or trend spider is not available.

They are diversifying into NFT marketplace etc.. If it builds strength over time then I would consider it.
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@abilash I appreciate the info!
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$COIN is hitting stagnation .. Reduced transaction and looming cash holding sentiment is hitting it hard in terms of growth. I am net loss on this stock.
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Glad I added to existing positions (should show up in my Trades tomorrow morning since my portfolios are linked) instead of opening a new position in NET! Getting walloped after-hours on earnings.