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300 Followers stocks presentation
Thanks for 300 Followers here on Commonstock! :) I think most people don´t know most of the companies/stocks i own in my portfolio as they`re micro/small caps and/or in not so well known countries (Greece, Poland, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Germany). That's why i decided to shortly present these companies in the next few weeks that you know about what companies I'm talking about and mainly writing here on Commonstock. I also own companies like Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Spotify and so on. I think everything is said about these stocks so i won't write the 100th presentation on these companies.
But you can expect some exciting aspects about companies like Epsilon Net, Secunet, Kaspi, Media and Games Invest, Vow Asa and so on..
Be excited about some underfollowed stocks ;)
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Congrats on reaching 300 followers 🙌🏽 Looking forward to learning about the stocks you hold :)
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@joeyhirendernath thanks Joey! :)
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Lots of interesting things in a big world. Looking forward to learning from you, Leon.
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Well done sir, so glad to have you here :)
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@investmenttalk Thanks Conor! :)
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Hoping to eventually reach this milestone as well. Congrats! Looking forward to your hidden gems
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@theyield Thanks Matt!
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Congrats, really enjoy reading your posts!
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@reasonableyield Thanks 🙏🏻
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Great job!
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@stock.owl Thanks Luka!
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Well done on 300 followers! Good to have you on Commonstock, @mavix! I really like international companies so I've given you a follow and will be looking out for your research. Anything you can include about how U.S.-based investors can get access to these shares and if there are "F shares" or ADRs with good-enough volume would be helpful too.
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@tomato Thanks Joshua. I think for most of the companies you will need a broker you can buy directly at the european exhanges. But i have also some US ideas ;)