$DASH continues to see more orders despite being in a post-COVID world
When DoorDash went public, many analysts were predicting that as the world transitioned past COVID, DoorDash's revenue growth would see significant deceleration. Some even thought that DoorDash would see its total order numbers decline.

After looking at their Q1 2022 numbers, I'm amazed to see that quarter over quarter, $DASH continues to see order growth. The analysts that predicted a decline in the number of orders were wrong. But the consensus view, that order growth would slow down, was correct.

DoorDash is more resilient in the post-COVID world than we realize. Even with inflation and high fuel price concerns, they continue to fulfill more orders now than the quarter before.

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I think people are getting into the habit of having food delivered or maybe are working now and having less time to cook. Will be interesting to see if gas prices or other inflationary concerns continue to allow $DASH to grow
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@greencandleit yeah i order more than 5 times per week, no time
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Hmmm I didn’t realize they were that close to being cash flow positive. It’ll be interesting to see if they cut their labor force at all.
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@carterkilmann i have been monitoring them for this reason, looks attractive
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Their adjustments are BS though
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@paulcerro by adjustments do you mean the adj. ebitda and other non-gaap stuff?
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@growthinvesting Adjustments. SBC propping it