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$123.2m follower assets
February Personal Portfolio Update
Top Ten Positions as of Feb. 28, 2023

  1. $MELI: 12.44%
  2. $MSFT: 8.21%
  3. $CRWD: 7.76%
  4. $CROX 6.76%
  5. $NVDA: 6.66%
  6. $AMZN 6.65%
  7. $AMD: 6.46%
  8. $SE: 5.18%
  9. $DDOG: 4.31%
  10. $MDB: 2.86%

Top 10 Positions: 67.29%
Cash: 9.37%
Remaining: 23.34%

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My cash position increased from <1% to 9% compared to January mainly due to a cash deposit and partially due to small sales in $CROX and $NVDA.
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Been starting my research on CROX truly like what I see across the board
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@christian7621 I honestly want to buy more every time I look into the company
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@hedgevision 100 percent agree there. I’ve been looking into CROX and DUOL for the past few weeks now. Both are great stocks in my eyes. But CROX yeah on another level. Once I finish my research I’d love to chat more about it since your a holder
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@christian7621 Yeah of course 🙏
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@hedgevision love your portfolio by the way. My favorite is CROX obviously but respect all the companies you own. Look forward to hopefully owning CROX together in the future
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@hedgevision question for you
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@christian7621 Yeah what’s up?
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@hedgevision for some reason I didn’t get this notification that you responded and I forgot my question lol, ima have to dm you hold on
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$MELI is hot! Love your portfolio and transparency. Are you primarily a cloner? or do you have some of your own ideas?
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@growthinvesting Actually looking to invest into some smaller cap companies this year to try and drift away from the pack
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@hedgevision what smaller caps are you thinking of?
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Any position you would say you lost some conviction in this year? Not to say it's gone but just less strong than before?
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@rihardjarc None in my top ten, but looking to offload some of my smaller positions like $PYPL $CRM $TWLO
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@hedgevision $SE has also been rough to hold for the past year
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@hedgevision not liking $TWLO even at this valuation?
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@rihardjarc Management has been frustrating and i think i overvalued the TAM when i first decided to buy shares. Still holding for now, but one of the reasons i haven’t sold is because i do think valuation is attractive right now



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