Cybersecurity Didn’t Disappoint With Revenue Beatings this Quarter…
Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority in budgets and the results are showing up again in Q2. There’s a strong pattern with cybersecurity stocks sustaining growth rates and strong bottom lines in Q1 and also in Q2. The cybersecurity sector overwhelmingly beat estimates compared to other sectors within tech and investors should take notice of this strength.


I own $ZS
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What’s the quickest way to get ridiculed and perpetually disregarded at your company?

Suggest cutting cybersecurity spending.

I own $CRWD, $OKTA (short-term ouch), $ZS, and $NET. Cybersecurity spending will be a growing sector for years to come and is recession-proof.
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@interrobangbros I think a basket approach is a really smart way to play this space!
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@tomato I agree with Joshua on that one too. Without having a background in cybersecurity it’s tough to know them inside, out. Overall sector will be a winner