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August Portfolio Update
I’m a day late 😅 but 🤷‍♂️

I didn’t make many moves until the end of the month where I…

Sold $CTV, I’m still a fan of what they can become, but ad tech has taken a big hit, has an uncertain near term trajectory, and like many small caps it’s hard to get updated data. I decided to re-deploy into what I believe to be safer bets.

Added to current positions:

$ROKU, they posted solid user metrics, and although the ad dollars aren’t there currently, eventually ad money will follow the eyeballs.

$META, has been disappointing and I’m glad I sold half my position +50% ago, but with all the negativity I don’t see FB disappearing, and I was encouraged by their Reels update and progress with monetization. Added back 50% of what I previously sold.

$MSFT, I sold out around $230 and I’m continuing to average back in around these levels. They are continuing to dominate, and this is just part of my plan to build the position back up as the market stabilizes.

I’ve mostly been focused on the energy sector (Refining specifically) the past couple of months. Due to conflict of interest issues I don’t share that portfolio here, but I hope you’ve been enjoying the content on that subject recently.

Some more interesting earnings coming this week in that space, so you will likely keep hearing more for time being. 😊

July was my first positive month in a while, bear market rally or not, it was well overdue. Hopefully we can pull off two in a row. 🙏😏

Y’all have a great month!

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Same thoughts with ROKU. Price action was drastic but quarter was better than I had anticipated.
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Glad to see this $MSFT buy as a massive bull!
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I'm likewise bullish on $ROKU. On the other hand I just find it so hard to justify all the spend at $META. And I do appreciate your energy updates! Have a good month!
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@tomato thanks Josh 🙏