Good Morning Everyone! Remember, Warren Buffett didn’t become the world’s wealthiest investor by panic selling through the last 14 recessions.
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Two things you'll never find on the list of things the most successful investors did:
  • Panic sell
  • Time the market repeatedly
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@interrobangbros I like that, repeatedly. People get lucky doing it once or twice, see some false pattern recognition, and think it’s related to their skill. One of the biggest mistakes new investors make, overconfidence. Life what happens in a two year bull market where prices are all going up, right before everyone gets crushed😉

That’s why I posted what I just posted about my lucky timing with Coinbase. This is a 10 year position for me; I didn’t expect 20% & 30% gains on back to back days for my portfolio’s largest position. But I understand & wanted to share & acknowledge it was 100% luck for it to happen like this🤣
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Got that right💸💸