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Commonstock Brokerage? [POLL]
A brokerage ran by CS with complete integration with CS...
Would you open a "Commonstock Brokerage" account if CS offered one?
40%Why yes, yes I would indeed!
20%Definite No! ...the audacity!
40%Wait, what? (befuddled look)
15 VotesPoll ended on: 05/08/22
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Whole other ball game right there, entirely different business model.

I personally think that brokerage-social products struggle at scale with network effect. So many people flock to Twitter, despite it not being designed for investors, because the network effect is so strong.

Brokerages naturally limit their audience size to whoever uses them as a brokerage.
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@investmenttalk will add, that this is simply my own opinion, not necessarily Commonstock’s.
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@investmenttalk - do any of the other brokerage-social products allow linking like CS does (serious question as I don't know of any)?

I agree definitely agree that platforms like Public and Sofi struggle with the social aspect, due in part to the fact that the social aspect is tied exclusively to their brokerage. Sofi's implementation is especially atrocious.

I just know many users, myself included, have had issues with linking outside brokerages or their brokerage is not supported - so just brainstorming so to speak :-)
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@fatcatinvesting to my knowledge, no, because the incentives don’t make sense if you are a brokerage, and allow competing brokers onto the social platform. So you either have broker-socials or platforms like us.

The hope, over the LT, is that we become so good at brokerage connection, domestically, international, that its not such an issue. We are still pretty early, so appreciate the patience.
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@investmenttalk love this, Conor.
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I would love to see Commonstock grow more in that direction. And have partnerships with other market data providers to become a one-stop shop for all things investing.