(BSRT) Baker Steel Resources Trust — Upside potential from successful project funding
Baker Steel Resources Trust (BSRT) is a closed-ended investment company aiming to achieve long-term capital growth through investing in equity, loans and related instruments issued by private natural resources companies, targeting a global concentrated portfolio of 15–20 investments. BSRT’s objective is to create value through driving the development of investee companies, as well as exploiting market inefficiencies and pricing anomalies.

Baker Steel Resources Trust (BSRT) posted an NAV total return of -16.3% in FY22, which was mostly a result of the de-rating of recently floated holdings Tungsten West and First Tin and the impact of Western sanctions against Russia on Polar Acquisition (PAL) and Azarga Metals. However, BSRT also agreed to sell its equity stake in its largest holdings (Bilboes Gold, completed in January 2023) and saw progress across several projects. BSRT’s maturing portfolio offers the prospect of attractive income from royalty payments (on production launch of Futura, PAL and Bilboes Gold) and dividends (from Caledonia Mining Corporation, CMCL, and later potentially also Cemos).

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