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High quality and high growth. Which one is more durable?
I find these two images quite interesting, especially when looked at at the same time.

This image shows that the probability of maintaining business quality over time is high. 70% of companies that had a greater than 25% ROIC in 2007 were able to maintain it throughout the next decade.

The image below shows that the probability of maintaining high growth is low. Only 15% of companies that were growing at 15% rates were able to maintain that growth into the next decade:

Moats are important but so are markets that allow for incremental growth to take advantage of this moat.
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There is no long term growth without high quality
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@mavix was about to comment a similar statement. That says it all.
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That’s amazing that so many high ROIC companies maintained it.
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@youngmoneycapital the studies in the book show that they even managed to improve them so the gap got wider
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Would be interesting to see the split by sector, with the sectoral weights making up the markets changing so much in this decade