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Amazon $AMZN losing steam
Take a look at the top 15 companies in the US and their % share of e-commerce sales. $AMZN is the obvious winner but I'll bet you'll never guess where $CVNA or even $COST rank

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That’s a really surprising list to see considering all the e-commerce companies people rave about are missing; outside Amazon. Not an industry I know much about, just a surprising observation.
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@wall_street_deebo I was surprised myself
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I was surprised when I learned $HD was in the top 10 and it reinforced how their execution is superior to $LOW who didn’t make the list
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@rpinvestments yea $HD quite the powerhouse tbh
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You got me there with the "losing steam" but then a 0.2% change :D
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@rihardjarc growth commands the premium and the growth is slowing for retail ecommerce. Plus that's only as of June, we'll see what FY'22 is