Digitization by Country
This is a very interesting graph to me. Shows where some opportunities lie and also a few surprises to me on there.

Generally, the higher the GDP/capita the higher the digitization score.

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Very cool chart, thanks for sharing. Curious what was a surprise to you?
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@ifb_podcast Was surprised that both Saudi Arabia and India were fairly ahead of large SouthAm countries like Chile & Brazil. Wonder what this will look like in 10-20 years...
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@beaver_cap yeah, that surprised me too. Russia as well. I bet the Latam countries will catch up soon. But I guess that’s why $NU and $MELI will probably benefit from that growth.
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Fascinating -- thanks for sharing 🙏

Surprised South Korea was only middle of the pack on the GDP per capita side considering how strong they are technologically speaking. It makes me optimistic about $CPNG over the long term.
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@joryko definitely lots of room for growth if the GDP can increase. Lots of great technology comes out of South Korea