Anyone capitalizing on the low share price of $CLX?
According to Macrotrends, the dividend yield for Clorox reached an all-time high. As a well-known consumer staples company that sells the top cleaning products and sells a variety of other products, value investors will see it as a great bargain.

Some might look at their financials today and think that it's overvalued. Many of the valuation metrics of today like PE ratio are only based on the present and not on the future. If investors see growth in the company's revenues, then they will see Clorox as "undervalued" today.

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I have tracked $CLX for a while, but have over extended in my other consumer staples companies. Unfortunately won’t be taking advantage of this opportunity
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Not at a P/E of 33. Not sure why they trade at richer valuation than Microsoft or Google. When I added a couple dividend kings recently, I was surprised to see the valuation on a company like $CLX. Still not cheap in my eyes.