Do not turn your backs on office REITs, you will regret it
Despite hearing the news of various office REITs doing dividend cuts, I still see other office REITs, mainly in the areas where people were moving throughout the pandemic, thriving and seeing more full occupancy rates than ever before.

The decline of downtowns has coincided with rising occupancy rates among office real estate companies. Looking at this chart from Business Insider, we can see that the downtown areas that struggled the most to recover (i.e. SF, Portland, Chicago, etc.) are the ones that were once the busiest. They're also located in the states where people fled the most (remember the California exodus). Despite remote work being a big thing in today's society, arguably, downtowns are performing well above people's expectations.

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To understand why office REITs are the best contrarian market opportunities of today, read the memo that I've written months ago:

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